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I kept checking the website which went down the day after ordering. I called my credit card company to say I thought I was scammed.

BofA said they had no fraud ascribed to the company and would watch my account. Today I received only 1 product and like someone else wrote the 2 products are crossed off the invoice with no word about a back order. I thought I would wait for my credit card end of statement date so if the product came in I wouldn't have to clear it up by canceling early. After reading some of the comments I will call the cc company Monday.

I love the product so I am so disappointed. The good part of this is that I now know to put in a website name + complaints and look up the company before I place an order. Thank you to all who took the time to write reviews.

I saw one recent review that said she went to the company location and the company is closed.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #750127

I have exactly the same complaint!

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