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comprei alguns protetores solares atraves do pedido nº 548876 em setembro de 2013 e até o momento não recebi, no site da skinwest consta que o produto foi despachado logo em seguida a compra, mas já paguei a dois meses e não recebi os produtos. Tento ligar nos tel da empresa e não consigo ser atendida. O site agora está totalmente indisponível. Como eu faço? Gostaria de receber os produtos ou pelo menos ter o meu dinheiro de volta mas não consigo entrar com a empresa de forma alguma, seja pelo telefone seja pela internet. Quero uma solução... Read more

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like everyone else, i ordered products from skinwest and paid in full but never received the products. before this order, i had been buying from skinwest since 2011 with no problems. super bummer. they owe me $450 worth of product. i filed a complaint with visa and was temporarily reimbursed as they look into the matter. side note; i had been receiving promo emails from skinwest every month or so until i tried emailing them letting them know that i wanted what i paid for. my boyfriend was still receiving the promo emails though and they... Read more

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I kept checking the website which went down the day after ordering. I called my credit card company to say I thought I was scammed. BofA said they had no fraud ascribed to the company and would watch my account. Today I received only 1 product and like someone else wrote the 2 products are crossed off the invoice with no word about a back order. I thought I would wait for my credit card end of statement date so if the product came in I wouldn't have to clear it up by canceling early. After reading some of the comments I will call the cc... Read more

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Do not order from this company. Skin West charged my account $3999.00 for an eye cream for $39.99. I immediately contacted my bank and eventually got my money back. Of course I immediately, frantically called and emailed customer service at Skin West. Nobody was available via phone and my repeated emails ALL went without response. My order was placed on Okt 13 -over two weeks ago and I still haven't even received the eye product or heard from those scamsters. Not very surprisingly their website is currently down and there is no response from... Read more

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I just received an instant AMEX refund upon reading their message encouraging requesting a refund for the part of the order they could not fulfill. The AMEX representative said I was the first to notify them something is seriously wrong with the company. Too bad -- I enjoyed all prior transactions. I would suggest that you also contact your credit card company and request a refund if you get such a notice. Fortunately I emailed them several times about their failure to complete the order. I just received an instant AMEX refund upon reading... Read more

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I returned two products to Skinwest, I received a text message telling me that they are unable to credit my account, I need to contact the credit card company. I'm not sure what is going on, I have tried to call several times this week, and I get the recording message that they are open for business 9 - 5. I tried calling the previous week, I was on hold for 43 minutes, I then hung up, I called 2 days later and was on hold for 35 minutes and hung up. Something is going on with this company, I have been a customer for years with Skinwest and... Read more

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I placed an order over the internet on 10/14/13. It said I would received my order in 3-5 business days. My American Express had already been charge for the full amount. I just recieved part of my order today (10/30/13)! That is hardly 3-5 busines days. I had the same experience of trying to contact skinwest both online (the site is "temorarily down), and by phone..the message says to leave a message, but when you try to, it says the mailbox is full! My only recourse at this time is to deal with a complaint through AmEx. Very... Read more

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I ordered a moisturizer on 10/16/2013 online. It is now 10/28/2013 and I have no product even after Skin West took the money from my account. I tried calling Skin West several times and reached a recording that states they are open between 9-5, which is between the time I called them. I went to Skin West's website which is down at the present time. So what is my next move? I have used Skin several times before without any problems. How do I get my product and/or my money back? Any replies or suggestions would be very helpful. Read more

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Placed order on 9.11.13 - money has been taken from my account - have order confirmation but nothing since saying order shipped. Have called 9 times (just counted on my cell) replied to CS email that was on the order confirmation with no response. Also tried leaving voice mail by pressing 2 but mailbox is full. Does anyone have an alternate number other than the 877.683.2692? this is the 1st time I've ever had a problem with SkinWest and highly unlikely to ever do business with them again after ordering for the past 7 years or so. I will... Read more

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I placed an order on 8/2, and was charged immediately on my Visa. They did say when the order was placed that 2 items were on backorder(to be received within in 2 weeks) and I should receive the third item right away, which came 2 weeks later! I waited another week and called after a long wait on the phone, they said and the order will be shipped within 2 days. Now, it is 6 weeks since the initial order and I am still waiting!!! At this moment I have been "on hold" for 39 minutes listening to music...I would not recommend this company Read more

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